Month: August 2018

Classic Journal by Rachelle Eason – Break into Blossom

August 30, 2018

Break into Blossom – 33 Second Flash Video As I was turning the pages of my Classic Journal, the profile of a fairy appeared to me. Check out my flash video below to see how she came to life. The poem is an excerpt from A Blessing by James Wright. […]

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Tinogona…Part 2

August 26, 2018
Tinogona...Part 2 Rachelle Warrior

Tinogona is a Shona (Bantu people) word and translated through Swahili, it means “It is achievable.” In a blog last week, I shared a video of me creating a page in my Easenza journal in response to the prompt of Tinogona. You can find that blog by clicking the link […]

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Tinogona…It is achievable.

August 24, 2018
Tinogona...It is Achievable Woman

Tinogona…it is achievable. Tinogona is a word in Shona, a Bantu language of the Shona people of Zimbabwe.

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Recognizing Zen Moments and Taking Them

August 20, 2018
Recognizing Zen Moments

Yesterday I enjoyed a surprising hour of zen. I visited Caribbean Beach Resort at Walt Disney World to take pictures to promote my weekend artist residency this fall. It was to be a quick task; park, find a picturesque spot, click, and leave. Then I found the beach. It was […]

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Taken By Storm

August 16, 2018
Renee Taken By Storm Boca Raton

For the second time this week, we have a child starting a new year at college. Renée has a couple of years of college under her belt and she is Ms. Independent. She is a wanderer and adventurer, artistic, responsible, and free-spirited. She is a creative. Below is her poem […]

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Wedding Journal…A Video Stroll Down Memory Lane

August 15, 2018

My Classic wedding journal laying on my studio desk has prompted me to reflect a little more than usual about our anniversary my husband and I just had. Perhaps it is Romance Awareness Month that has inspired me, or perhaps it the fact that we didn’t celebrate the occasion. We […]

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Wedding Anniversary and College Move-In ~ Past, Present, Future Years

August 12, 2018
Years - Champagne Flutes

29 years ago we said “I do” in a beautiful wedding ceremony in my hometown of Pittsburgh, PA. We celebrated with family and friends in a ball room accented with purple and drank a lot of champagne! ?????? Each year we have marked the occasion differently. A few times we […]

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Dried Flowers

August 10, 2018
Dried Flowers Pail

Dried flowers were never on my list for creating. I just kind of fell into it because of having the right supplies on hand and a surplus of flowers. And I had a dehydrator. I am not a cook. If you read my blog Matzo Tofu, you already know that […]

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In Focus and How I Got Here

August 9, 2018

Steps to Focusing Once I decided to focus on eco-staining, a sense of relief set in and a direction began to be planned. The steps to getting in focus were not straight-forward and structured for me. I struggled with the traditional techniques of planning. Scheduling, list making, and goal/objective planning […]

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Journey to Focus

August 9, 2018

Focus is not a strength that comes naturally to me, but it is one I am learning. My journey to focus began as a bumpy ride but transitioned into an intentional drive. The fact that I can overwrite the blue print of my past scattered living is still somewhat of […]

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