Writing Lab Info

Writing Lab Information

Creative Writing Circle illustrates the realm of expression through words and art. Focused on writing, this journey takes you into four expanding adventures where you’ll learn or relearn writing elements and tackle the parts of the writing process. Think of middle school creative writing with engaging exercises but no due dates, no tests, and no grades. Just writing and wine… or coffee.

Creative Writing Circle is comprised of Four Writing Labs. Each Writing Lab includes five modules full of video instruction, pdf downloads, and crib notes.

In Writing Lab 1, Retrain Your Imagination, you will embark in 5 modules that have you look and write in ways that release you from the restraints you put on yourself; the ones you’ve learned to live through to get those good grades.

In Writing Lab 2, Unleash Your Voice, the 5 modules give you courage to unmuzzle your muse and discard the filters you’ve learned to use since repeatedly being told “We don’t say that” as a child.

In Writing Lab 3, Write Your Story, you’ll wander through 5 modules that frame your past and present as uniquely as you have and are living them while setting the foundation for continued growth as your story unfolds in the future.

In Writing Lab 4, All Write! All Write!, you’ll acquire tools and techniques of the writing process that focus on improving your written word in both long and short form to further enrich your journal writing and encourage using your words in other domains as well.

Throughout your experience with Creative Writing Circle, your portfolio grows, develops, and paints an expressive picture of who you are in heart and soul. Your journey is enriched by visual experiences using photographs, simple illustrations, and nature.

Once a student of Creative Writing Circle, you will be a part of an exclusive community with continual perks and special offerings, like LIVE online Q&A events.


Graduates of the Full Creative Writing Circle program will be invited to enroll in Written and Illustrated by You, a 20 module intensive course culminating in a book to self-publish if desired.

Please note:
Only students who have completed all four Writing Labs will be invited to participate in Written & Illustrated by You.

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Try these Taster Modules and Get Started Before Writing Lab 1 goes Live!

In Pick Up Your Pen and Write! you will be guided from beginning to end of writing that goes beyond marks on a page.

You will “meet” your journal and set the tone for a flow of stories to come. After all, first impressions are important for setting the tone of the relationship that follows.

In Word Warriors on a Walk, we will embrace the nature of our wanderings by capturing photographs en route and recounting with a quick jotting of notes.

Then we’ll create a word library and play a bit with personification to illustrate our engagement.
Being part of the complete Creative Writing Circle goes beyond the Four Writing Labs and the Written and Illustrated by You Grand Course. It includes supplemental classes and downloadable documents that house exclusive content. Committing fully, completely embracing this journey is truly a life-changing opportunity.
Important Info…
Creative Writing Circle, Writing Labs, and Written & Illustrated by You are not specific pathways to becoming a published author.

The goal is to instill confidence in you as a writer of your own stories, to write your way to expressive freedom. Rachelle's mission is to assist you in adding tools to your writing tool box that help you convey your thoughts with gusto and coax a steady release of your natural style that becomes second nature in your writing experiences. If you choose to use your developing skills for professional purposes then bravo to you
🙌 and your next journey into the publishing world!

Written & Illustrated by You, Rachelle will walk you through self-publishing using Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing platform. To use other self-publishing platforms or to be published by a commercial publishing company, you will need to seek assistance from other guides and gurus.

Editing of pieces by Rachelle is not included in
Creative Writing Circle Writing Labs. Editing drafts to get to a published piece is not the purpose of this experience. Creative Writing Circle Writing Labs have the mission of encouraging students to write from their unique voice and express their true for their own empowerment. A writer may purchase private editing sessions with Rachelle. Please see Rachelle's shop for more info and fees.

Writings, either exercise practices or completed pieces, may be shared by the author at their own discretion in the
Creative Writing Circle Private Facebook Group.

Creative Writing Circle Writing Labs are only open to new students twice a year… September and January. Writing Labs are 10 weeks long with modules released every other week. Live Q and A’s are scheduled twice during each Writing Lab and questions can always be emailed privately or asked in the private Facebook group.

Written and Illustrated by You course is only open to “graduates” of Creative Writing Circle Writing Labs 1-4.

This is a commitment by each student. Modules may refer back to previous modules. Each student is building a personal portfolio of their writing. This is a fabulously fun and enriching experience as well as a committed endeavor for self-improvement in writing and visual expression.

All classes are housed on RachelleEason.com, password protected, with 12 month access from beginning of each Creative Writing Lab/Course. All content is downloadable to keep forever.

The continuity and commitment is vital in this program. The curriculum builds on itself and as the lessons advance, references to past learning is not only inevitable but vital for true growth and development.

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