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Rachelle and her passion for Plant-Stained Paper

Plant-staining paper connects me to the earth. It grounds me in ways similar to walking the beach in bare feet. By using sustainably sourced flowers, leaves, and papers, I create medleys of beauty, translate from nature into journals and stationery, encouraging moments of reflection and meditation.

I have been an artist all my life, but my eco-staining journey began in 2006 on our farm in North Carolina. I was given some freshly-sheared wool from my friend on a nearby farm. I attempted to dye the wool by boiling it with fruits and leaves from persimmon trees, held in place by a piece of paper and a rock. Although the wool did not dye, the paper did.

I began experimenting with all types of plants from around the farm. Shortly after, I opened a pottery studio and decided to put my plant-staining discovery aside to focus on my thriving new business. Several years later, my family and I moved to Florida. I finally gave myself the time I needed to fully explore the possibilities of eco-staining. I conducted countless hours of research alongside hands-on trial and error, and started to understand the science, as well as the required techniques, to develop the process into an art.

I have spent over a decade perfecting my art and mastering the process. I have discovered the nuances that can influence the end result, such as the species of plant, the region it was harvested from, during which season it was harvested, and the combination of plants being used together. These seemingly small factors can have a big impact on the outcome.

Although every piece I create is unique from the next, they all share one fundamental element: they are expressions of the beauty that resides deep within nature.
In my sunny Florida studio, I give myself time to grow, develop, and adventure into my art. By honing my skills in both pottery and plant-staining, I have found that each medium influences the other and together they take me to new levels of self-discovery and opportunity for reflection.

Rachelle and her passion for Art Journaling

Art Journaling became one of my artistic outlets decades ago when the Ellis School taught me about journaling at the lovely age of fourth grade. Since those days in the little library of our lower school, I have been an avid journal keeper and I think that is what ignited my passion for creative writing as well. As a student, I was always encouraged to put art and words together and that combination has driven so many of my pieces in multiple mediums, including clay. Long before it became trendy, I started teaching Art Journaling to adults when I was a fourth grade English and writing teacher in 1995 or 1996. My lower school administrator at Spartanburg Day School in South Carolina asked me to facilitate professional portfolio keeping for teachers in a series of professional development workshops and I incorporated art journaling as the main tool for my coworkers to discover their dreams and goals. For almost two decades after that, I taught art journaling every week regardless of where we lived.

The topics I facilitate in Art Journaling are inspired by real life experiences I encounter. I try to be extremely authentic and open, giving each of my students the encouragement and platform of their own journals to release what they need or choose to put out into the world. I plan an art technique that works with the topic and the art acts as the prewriting to their journal entry. Through lively discussion, and a bit of adult beverages if the class is being held where that is allowed, my students use the techniques I teach them to create to their own self-expression making a unique place in their journals for their reflections to be written after class on their own. Much like prewriting in the writing process, the art making is where ideas flow onto the backgrounds, often in multiple layers, so that by the time each person is ready to write, they have organized their thoughts to easier express themselves. It really is a remarkable process for nurturing our mental health.

Rachelle and her passion for Pottery

As a child, working with clay captured my interest when I took lessons at the Carnegie Museum of Pittsburgh. Honing my skills through intensive studies in high school, college, graduate school and beyond, wheel-throwing continues to be my first love in creating and personal nurturing.

Ever since my first spin with clay at the age of four, I love to get my hands dirty. There is nothing more raw in art than clay. It is the medium where I am creating from earth and the sheer act of moving it in and out of my fingers is grounding. It is the reason why it is my first artistic love and why I am a collector of pottery as well.

Through the journey of throwing or hand building, trimming or sculpting, stories unfold. Within each vessel I create, my unique expression is shared; inspired by the world around, surrounded by the stories of those that have shared theirs.

Mission Statement

My mission as an artist/teacher is to inspire life long enrichment through art and to provide a choreographed array of experiences that teach techniques and invite discovery so students build a strong foundation in the medium while developing a body of work that releases their self-expression.

Above all, I believe art connects us. It is my intention, with each piece that I create, that it finds its keeper, the one who it speaks to and within that connection, one is forever inspired.

_________________For life-changing classes, both live and recorded, please visit the course page on RachelleEason.com

My Most Favorite Achievements in the Art World

Invited Artist to Walt Disney World
Showing and Selling Plant-Stained Paper (formerly Boiled Books) and Pottery across resort in long term residencies mainly at EPCOT, Disney's Animal Kingdom, and Disney Springs

Owner and Operator of Art Blooms
Retail pottery studio in North Carolina

Art Instructor at Polk Museum of Art
Lakeland, Florida

Adjunct College Ceramics Professor
Florida Southern College, Lakeland, FL ~ Ceramics 1 & Ceramics 2
Gardner Webb University, Boiling Springs, NC ~ Ceramics 1

Exhibiting Artist at Juried Art Shows for the last 20 plus years

Winner of Awards at Maker-Faire Orlando, Cleveland County Chamber of Commerce, and numerous art shows over the last 20 plus years

I have taught both privately and as guest artist and educator in commercial studios, museums, and schools in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Florida and focused primarily on pottery, paper art, glass fusing, painting, mixed media, art journaling, and creative writing.
I started my journey in art with classes at Carnegie Museum of Pittsburgh and The Ellis School, an institution of private learning for girls that emphasized the arts. My journey continued with art classes in painting, art history and appreciation, and ceramics in college at the University of South Carolina and graduate school at Converse College.

Over the last 30 years, I have taken every possible opportunity to learn under numerous artists to hone my artistic talents and build on my creative skills. These studies have been done in formal studio settings, museum classes, multiple day workshop events sponsored by studio businesses and industry corporations, as well as independent artists through private classes. The mediums include pottery, glass fusing, acrylic painting, watercolor painting, drawing, screen printing, paper art, jewelry making, fabric/fiber art, mixed media, and writing.
Converse College, M. of Ed. Elementary and Early Childhood Education, Spartanburg, SC
University of South Carolina, B.S. Retailing, Columbia, SC

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