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Art Journaling became one of my artistic outlets decades ago when the Ellis School taught me about journaling at the lovely age of fourth grade. Since those days in the little library of our lower school, I have been an avid journal keeper and I think that is what ignited my passion for creative writing as well. As a student, I was always encouraged to put art and words together and that combination has driven so many of my pieces in multiple mediums, including clay. Long before it became trendy, I started teaching Art Journaling to adults when I was a fourth grade English and writing teacher in 1995 or 1996. My lower school administrator at Spartanburg Day School in South Carolina asked me to facilitate professional portfolio keeping for teachers in a series of professional development workshops and I incorporated art journaling as the main tool for my coworkers to discover their dreams and goals. For almost two decades after that, I taught art journaling every week regardless of where we lived.

The topics I facilitate in Art Journaling are inspired by real life experiences I encounter. I try to be extremely authentic and open, giving each of my students the encouragement and platform of their own journals to release what they need or choose to put out into the world. I plan an art technique that works with the topic and the art acts as the prewriting to their journal entry. Through lively discussion, and a bit of adult beverages if the class is being held where that is allowed, my students use the techniques I teach them to create to their own self-expression making a unique place in their journals for their reflections to be written after class on their own. Much like prewriting in the writing process, the art making is where ideas flow onto the backgrounds, often in multiple layers, so that by the time each person is ready to write, they have organized their thoughts to easier express themselves. It really is a remarkable process for nurturing our mental health.

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