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Art Journaling allows you to communicate your emotions and unearth your inner voice. Through painting, drawing, and writing, Rachelle will guide you to feel more confident expressing yourself!

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In addition to instructor-led sessions, you will experience encouragement and feedback from a vibrant community of individuals just like you that is using art to reflect and express their world inside and out.


After engaging in art journeys with Rachelle, you will notice art in the every day and experience beauty and peace more often.

Helping You To Express Yourself To Find Peace & Confidence

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Based on the Weekly Live Art Journaling Classes, these archived recordings are stripped down and edited of personal antidotes by students and some of the guided instruction by Rachelle. The classes are presented as ways to explore painting techniques and encourage your creative expression.

Although the guide to connecting the art and journaling aspects to wellness for mind, body, and soul are not apparent as they are in the Weekly Live Classes, these recordings will give you an enjoyable adventure and encourage your interpretation of the topics.

Find The Confidence To Express Yourself With Our Classes

Many people need a release from their day but fear expressing themselves because of a lack of structure. Through guided Art Journaling Lessons you'll be able to de-stress & unwind so you can feel confident and find peace. Read More…

I know that you want to be an expressive and nurtured person. In order to do that, you need a release from your day. The problem is the fear of acknowledging your inner creativity and not having the structure to express it.

I know you can find the release you need because we believe that art is for everyone. I understand focusing on caring for yourself can be challenging which is why thousands of students over 25+ years have found success with this.

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So, take a look at our classes, and in the meantime grab my Free Monthly PDF today so you can stop feeling afraid & stressed out and instead live inspired.

Art Journaling is about unearthing a voice inside each individual and communicating through art. Through a variety of lessons, your intuition is coaxed to speak. The experience inspires authentic expression and reflection. This class always fresh and it evolves with my growth and development as an artist and a person. Please join me in the journey and be inspired!

This Live Remote Online class will take place in my Zoom studio! A link will be sent to you upon registration. This Zoom studio allows for each of you to be able to see and talk to each other and for me to teach live to you as if you were right in my studio. You will be able to show me your work, ask questions, and have a personalized experience within a group setting online.

4 LIVE Remote Group Art Classes (2 hrs each)
Invitation to Private Facebook Group
Flexible Class Each Week- Either Monday or Tuesday, 6p - 8p EST

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Rachelle is either leading Art Journaling adventure classes online, firing up fabulous Pottery pieces, or cooking up some Boiled Books! Get up to date info on her journey and a peak at new releases!

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Discover Your Inner Voice Through Art

Discover Your Inner Voice Through Art