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Art Studio Stroll and Guided Tour


Welcome to My Art Studio!

It’s an inspiring occasion when my art studio is cleaned up! I feel the energy of the freshness and creativity is in the air. The surprising part is that it didn’t take too much to get it cleaned up for my class last night. It turns out that focusing my art on one medium of eco-staining and complementing it with writing in the journals I stitch, isn’t just great for my artistic development, but encourages a space that is overflowing with encouragement. Clean space…clear head!

Creating online classes with video components is also encouraging me to have a visually pleasing space. The surprise is that space… the cleaned up desktops and tables, the cleared off floor and organized shelving… the resulting empty spaces are actually filling my head with ideas. Who knew! Well, my mother did, but I guess it took my fifty year long journey of having to figure out things on my own to figure this one out too. 

So, without further adieu, please join me on a video stroll through my art studio. There is a speedy version that is a visual sprint through and then there is a four and a half minute version with me giving you a guided tour. Enjoy!

Take a Quick Spin through My Studio…

Take the Guided Tour through My Studio…

Please visit my Rachelle Eason Shop to see beautiful eco-stained Classic, Combo, and Oneside Journals and Sketchbooks, notecards and bookmarks in the Stationery Collection, and Wall Decor that I create in my studio!

I wish you could come and sit for a chat in my studio. The next best thing is to start a discussion in the comment section. I look forward to hearing from you!


Rachelle Eason

Rachelle Eason is an artist, inspirer, wanderer, and writer by nature. When she is not creating eco-stained artwork, journals, and stationery, she can be found on white sand beaches in the Florida sun, writing about her life and experiences, savoring a luscious piece of dark chocolate, or scoping out vegan food at her favorite local restaurants.

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