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Oct 4-Nov 22, 2022

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LIVE Beta Course

Oct 4-Nov 22, 2022

Establish your creative voice.

Create a series of works that reflect who you are through the prism of art.


Relax, Unwind, Create

Create art that builds self-esteem, a sense of self worth and allows you to think through inhibitions. It's time to wipe away the cares of the day and get back to what matters most—yourself!

Proven Process

Follow Rachelle's lead in a style she has developed in over 30 years of teaching.

Create art that speaks from within by unlocking your thoughts, feelings and emotions in a nurturing environment.

Master Skills

Create numerous mixed media projects with an emphasis on sketching and watercolor. Produce a personal journal showing your transformation or individual pieces to frame.

FREE USA Shipping on Orders of $99 or More!

This In-Depth Course includes...

  • 8 live* segments, video, and pdf tutorials (*live in Beta only)

  • 8 prerecorded videos

  • Downloadable PDFs

  • Transformative experience for all levels

  • Continual access to Rachelle

  • Access to private Facebook group

  • Unlimited access

Be inspired to... be!

Art & Soul: Introspective is a series of artsy engagements designed to help you overcome creative blocks, release pent-up feelings, and access your inner thoughts. This course is a non-judgmental space in which you can work through inhibitions while creating art. Everything will be recorded so you can review your experience at a later time.

Content will be available indefinitely!

Art & Soul: Introspective, the Beta Class, will be taught in weekly LIVE segments that are recorded. The recordings will be released to students the following day. The course also includes additional prerecorded videos and downloadable pdfs that will be released at appropriate times during the eight weeks. The entire course will be available will be available with unlimited access indefinitely.

The recorded version of Art & Soul: Introspective will be published later as a video only course. By registering for this course, you give Rachelle permission to include your voice and image in the recordings as naturally occur during the classes.

We meet LIVE weekly October 4 to November 22, 2022

Weekly LIVE classes will be held at 6PM EST on Tuesdays October 4 - November 22, 2022. Recordings of each class will be released the next day. If you cannot attend the LIVE classes, you will be able to follow the recordings and still reap the benefits of being part of the LIVE Online course, especially by having any questions or personal guidance addressed in the Q & A segments of the LIVE Online class. The edited recorded course will be published at a later date and higher price.

FREE USA Shipping on Orders of $99 or More!

Who is this class for?

Anyone who has felt creatively stifled or stagnate in their personal growth.

Feeling Uninspired?

Experience the joy of self-expression through painting and drawing. Art & Soul: Introspective is a course that helps you get out of a creative rut and engage with your inner artist.

Questioning Your Path?

Art & Soul: Introspective is a safe haven for you to voice thought provoking questions and receive encouragement to explore ideas and build self-confidence.

Overwhelmed by Life?

Using your creative energy to explore, express and enjoy the world around you, Art & Soul: Introspective will guide you to create a new body of work AND have gain a clearer sense of purpose.

Wall Decor

Plant-Stained Paper Wall Decor offers a variety of sizes and styles to bring the beauty of nature to walls of your home while complementing your decor. Choose matted pieces of unique designs or mixed media pieces that feature plant-stained paper in their compositions.

Art & Soul: Introspective Course

  • Transformative experience for all levels

  • Mixed media with emphasis on watercolor

  • Remove inhibitions and build self-esteem

  • Supportive low-pressure environment


Is there a supply list available?

Yes! Upon registration, I include a detailed supply list that includes my preferences. It is definitely possible to create and have a wonderful experience with just a journal, pencil, and watercolors and some other paper and glue for mixed media. If you would like to fill up your tool box of art materials, the items on the list are my favorites and what I will use in my demonstrations. I also include links to many of my favorites!

Is this a "copy the demo" type of class or create in your own style?

Although I will be leading in a step by step process for many of the activities, every engagement is set up for you to be prompted and inspired to unearth your own unique voice and create in a manner that your authentic intuition can soar. For those that want more guidance, you can follow the steps I demo while others are free to interpret the lessons as they desire.

What does it mean to be part of the Beta class?

As a student in the Beta class, you will participate in weekly LIVE classes with me. You will also get recorded tutorials and downloadable .pdfs. Each week, the recordings of the LIVE classes will be available to you as well. As part of the Beta class, you will be able to ask questions and help shape the direction of the course as well as get specific guidance for your needs. Once the Beta class completes its 8-week course, the class will be edited and published as pre-recorded content. The only time there will be LIVE lessons is with the Beta class.

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Rachelle Eason has been an artist all her life. She is the owner of Rachelle L. Eason, LLC, where she coaches others on a path to creative wellness that speaks to their passions and sense of purpose.

Rachelle Eason is also a potter and the creator of one-of-a-kind Plant-Stained Paper.


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