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7 Journal Writing Prompts Connect Nature in the Fall

7 Journal Writing Prompts to Connect with Nature in the Fall

The fall is upon us and with it comes a strong feeling for change and journal writing, of course! It could be the crispness in the air or the anticipation of the holidays around the corner, but I definitely feel the need to connect with nature and reflect over transitions.

Born and Bread Bakehouse

Born and Bread Bakehouse

Born and Bread Bakehouse is one of those places that you see in social media or in the movies and say, “I wish we had a place like that here.” Well, we do!

Rachelle wearing Name tag-1 TIny

Hello, My Name Is… FREE Journaling Class Online!

What’s in a name? that which we call a roseBy any other name would smell as sweet; William Shakespeare; Romeo and Juliet Act II Scene II Hello, My Name Is… Rachelle The importance of our name goes so far beyond an introduction to others. Would that rose smell as sweet with a different name? Most …

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Studio Stroll Cover

Art Studio Stroll and Guided Tour

Welcome to My Art Studio! It’s an inspiring occasion when my art studio is cleaned up! I feel the energy of the freshness and creativity is in the air. The surprising part is that it didn’t take too much to get it cleaned up for my class last night. It turns out that focusing my …

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The Big Reveal Page

The Big Reveal

Rachelle Eason Collection ~ Classic Journal Pages ~ Flowers and Leaves Release their Essense Natural plant elements release their essence during my eco-staining process. When it’s time to peel back the flowers and leaves, beautiful stains are revealed. Learn more about my eco-stained technique and the beautiful journals, stationery, and wall decor I make with …

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Can you smell that crisp cool air? See the dancing branches of trees excited about their colors changing? Hear the crunch of walking on fallen leaves along paths cooling from the months of hot sun searing them? It feels like fall all around! Well, except for here in Central Florida. The closest we are getting …

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Easenza cover-1

Classic Journal by Rachelle Eason – Break into Blossom

Break into Blossom – 33 Second Flash Video As I was turning the pages of my Classic Journal, the profile of a fairy appeared to me. Check out my flash video below to see how she came to life. The poem is an excerpt from A Blessing by James Wright. Suddenly          I realize      that if …

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Tinogona...Part 2 Rachelle Warrior

Tinogona…Part 2

Tinogona is a Shona (Bantu people) word and translated through Swahili, it means “It is achievable.” In a blog last week, I shared a video of me creating a page in my Easenza journal in response to the prompt of Tinogona. You can find that blog by clicking the link below. Since writing and filming, …

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Tinogona...It is Achievable Woman

Tinogona…It is achievable.

Tinogona…it is achievable. Tinogona is a word in Shona, a Bantu language of the Shona people of Zimbabwe.

Recognizing Zen Moments

Recognizing Zen Moments and Taking Them

Yesterday I enjoyed a surprising hour of zen. I visited Caribbean Beach Resort at Walt Disney World to take pictures to promote my weekend artist residency this fall. It was to be a quick task; park, find a picturesque spot, click, and leave. Then I found the beach. It was a small beach, one of …

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Renee Taken By Storm Boca Raton

Taken By Storm

For the second time this week, we have a child starting a new year at college. Renée has a couple of years of college under her belt and she is Ms. Independent. She is a wanderer and adventurer, artistic, responsible, and free-spirited. She is a creative. Below is her poem “Taken By Storm” that she …

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Wedding Journal-6

Wedding Journal…A Video Stroll Down Memory Lane

My Classic wedding journal laying on my studio desk has prompted me to reflect a little more than usual about our anniversary my husband and I just had. Perhaps it is Romance Awareness Month that has inspired me, or perhaps it the fact that we didn’t celebrate the occasion. We hardly acknowledged it more than …

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