Setting Up Studio Space

June 18, 2020

So as I sit and reflect over the facets of my past and current studios that make them so magical to me, it is obvious that it is not the physical space that has really enabled me to create, it is the energy inside the space that inspires me.

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Flower Power… Fresh & Painted!

June 15, 2020

Flower power! When did you first realize that flowers are magic?

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Tea Tongs …

June 8, 2020
Tea Tongs Stoneware Pottery Mug 4

Tea Tongs… The Unnecessary Necessity You know I never thought much about tea tongs until about a month ago when I saw a fellow potter in a social media group post about them and offer the idea about including them in mugs we sell. Tea tongs are used to pull […]

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Torching a Raku Piece

March 25, 2020

I love flame! At least I love controlled flame in a creative artsy setting. Two of my fabulous students last semester gifted me with a torch and I have been enjoying finishing up my Raku pieces with the added touch a torch flame brings. With a bit of flame and […]

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Agate Blend…Spiraling and Wedging 2 Clays

January 6, 2020

Since I use stoneware clay, my pieces fire to about 2232ºF. That’s a pretty hot mess if things don’t go as planned!

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Colorful Mud

March 5, 2019
RachelleEason.com Teaching

This may look like its about to turn into a beautiful clay, but actually…it will take a summer of study to get this right. Being a potter for all these years, I have settled into a comfort mode and I tend to prefer creating functional pieces for daily food and […]

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Pottery Urn For My Dad – Sculpted Stoneware…A Narrated Video Stroll

October 15, 2018
RachelleEason.com pottery urn

My mind still talks to you. My heart still looks for you. My soul knows you are at peace. ~ Author Unknown Today marks the one year anniversary of my father’s passing. As I sit in my mother’s kitchen in the wee hours of the morning, knowing that in just […]

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