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~ Elements of Art ~

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This is an introduction class to get you on your way to releasing your creative voice and making fabulous art!

Explore all seven elements in individual activities as well as ones that combine multiple ones. Join along and experiment further while adding your own individual style.

Learning about the Elements of Art elevates our own artistic literacy and encourages greater appreciation of works, as well as guide us along in our creative journeys.

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Looking For Art Journaling?

Looking For Art Journaling?

Find The Confidence To Express Yourself With Rachelle's Courses

Through Rachelle's courses you'll be gently guided through flexible and fluid techniques in painting and mixed media while creating from your unique perspective.

These course experiences have made quite an impact on my students!

In your role as facilitator, you have stretched me and pushed me outside my comfort zone…that zone can be a pretty boring place. And I have found that boring > leads to stagnation > leads to fear of change > leads to an endless loop. Not a good place to be.

And I will confess that the main reason I signed up for this class [Art Journaling Weekly] was the emphasis there seemed to be on watercolor. I am so glad I took that step. This visual self expression has brought a new joy into my life. I find myself wanting not only to paint, but to just draw. I'm finding when I read something/anything/all very random, an image comes into my mind that I just want to put on paper.

I'm starting to think of that as self revelation. Which just proves, lol, that we are never too old to learn!

So thank you for facilitating this journey, for growing me, and for nudging me out of my box! I'm packing for a long, long road trip!

~Cathy DiDomenico

In her own words…

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I believe that art is for everyone. The process we venture through in art journaling is an enchanting stroll through sketched lines, adventurous brush strokes, and whimsical color. It is a dance on paper that finds its tune in the song of our souls.

I also know that finding time and giving ourselves the permission to wander into creative expression can be challenging. My classes are designed to seize the moments we find, not only for the class at hand, but noticing more moments in everyday life. And life is just too short to let these moments pass us by.

By continually engaging my mantra… Create • Inspire • Journey… I guide art adventures that seize the day which is why thousands of students, over 25 plus years, have found success with my classes.

Above all, I believe art connects us. It is my intention, with each piece that I create, that it finds its keeper, the one who it speaks to and within that connection, one is forever inspired. It is my mission, with each activity we do, that you release your self expression and radiate your unique artsiness out into the world.

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Discover Your Inner Voice Through Art

Discover Your Inner Voice Through Art