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Mini Courses

Interested in exploring a bit into a variety of techniques or themes? Mini-Courses introduce fundamentals in art and an array of topics through guided instruction and practice activities. Each course provides immeasurable value in laying the ground work for developing instincts for your creative pursuits.

Immersion Courses

Whether you are just starting out or a seasoned artist or art journaler, Immersion Courses are electrifying adventures! These excursions provide opportunity for deeper engagement into specific topics to hone your personal style while inspiring the artistic element of your natural intuition.

Grand Courses

Discover your inner voice as you journey into self-discovery with art and writing! You will engage in an inner dialogue exploring yourself & reveling in what encompasses life. Join Rachelle for a 20 Lesson adventure in unearthing your self-expression with exercises in reflective writing & art exploration

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Looking For Art Journaling?

Looking For Art Journaling?

Find The Confidence To Express Yourself With Rachelle's Courses

Many people need a release from their day but fear expressing themselves because of a lack of structure. Through Rachelle's Courses you'll be able to de-stress & unwind so you can feel confident and find peace. Read More…

I know that you want to be an expressive and nurtured person. In order to do that, you need a release from your day. The problem is the fear of acknowledging your inner creativity and not having the structure to express it.

I know you can find the release you need because we believe that art is for everyone. I understand focusing on caring for yourself can be challenging which is why thousands of students over 25+ years have found success with this.

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So, take a look at our classes, and in the meantime grab my Free Monthly PDF today so you can stop feeling afraid & stressed out and instead live inspired.

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Rachelle is either leading Art Journaling adventure classes online, firing up fabulous Pottery pieces, or cooking up some Boiled Books! Get up to date info on her journey and a peak at new releases!

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Discover Your Inner Voice Through Art

Discover Your Inner Voice Through Art