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Student Supply List

The following materials are what we will be using in class on a regular basis. The basics are a journal and watercolors. It is definitely possible to create and have a wonderful experience with just a journal and watercolors. If you would like to fill out your art materials, the items listed below are my favorites and what I will use in my demonstrations.


*Canson XL Series Watercolor Spiral Pad 9”x12” (great for watercolor!)
If you prefer a different type of watercolor book, please make sure the paper allows for fluid wet on wet blending without breaking down.

*(The Canson Watercolor Journal is the one I am using for my class demonstration. It is not my favorite watercolor paper, but it works great for this class. My favorite has been discontinued and I am in the process of finding a worthy alternative.)

Prima Watercolor Confections in Tropical
Prima Watercolor Confections in Odyssey
or watercolor palettes of any brand you choose.

Watercolor brushes
This Nicpro 12 Pc is a great set. Please have a small assortment of brushes- small in brush size – that includes a liner or detail brush you are comfortable with. Besides my detail brush, I mostly use flat and angled flat brushes.

Watercolor Colored Pencils
I like Derwent Inktense, but your favorite will be great too.

White Acrylic Paint
2 Oz Heavy Body Acrylic Color Paints Color: Titanium White

Black Illustration Pens ~ I use Prismacolor Manga Illustration Markers
Sakura Metallic Gel Pens ~ the assorted set or just metallic gold

Drawing Pencils and WHITE Erasers
My favorites are… Pentel Mechanical Drafting Pencil in .5mm and Pentel Click Erasers

Fountain Pen with black or colored Ink – I use Lamy SaFari Fountain Pen with Purple Ink. Pick your favorite color. This is for your personal journal writing.


Rachelle Eason

Rachelle Eason is an artist, inspirer, wanderer, and writer by nature. When she is not creating eco-stained artwork, journals, and stationery, she can be found on white sand beaches in the Florida sun, writing about her life and experiences, savoring a luscious piece of dark chocolate, or scoping out vegan food at her favorite local restaurants.

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