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Pottery to me is creating in raw. Taking a chunk of clay and forming it, spinning it, working it until it breathes with its own life...that is an experience. I believe in functionality have design elements that please while in the midst of the task.

What began as a young childhood adventure grew into passion and continues decades later. I began throwing on the wheel in Saturday morning art classes at the Carnegie Museum of Pittsburgh. In a small room upstairs in the old teaching wing, I sat at a wheel and a fire sparked. I loved the feel of the wet clay spinning through my fingers as I wrestled with finding balance between speed and pressure. As I continued through grade school, high school, college, and graduate school, opportunities continued to present themselves to bring me back to clay. As I look back, I realize that although some of these opportunities were brief, each presented themselves to keep the fire alive and desire magical.

Lakeland, FL Studio

Over the years, my studio has changed in scenery and purpose...garages, our NC farm, front porches, and retail studio shops...the vignette always set the stage for organic formation, each piece unique, each piece a reflection of my current mood. Unearthed Art Studios is all of this history wrapped up in a foundation ready to support the next level. Now invited to show my pottery at the most magical place on earth, I have the privilege of spending my days throwing pottery and calling it work.

The magic of that old room in the museum led me on a path to our sanctuary in Central Florida, where the sun shines hot and the rains cleanse the soul. I am creating a haven; a place to expand my personal exploration in clay and inspire others to journey in theirs. With such a lovely space to settle, what fun it will be to see the possibilities we will unearth.
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