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Handwritten Notes

Sending Handwritten Notes in 2018


Handwritten Note Little Red Riding Hood Card and Roses in a VaseDon’t you just LOVE getting handwritten notes in the mail? Not bills and junk mail, but handwritten notes…from people you have crossed paths with, either a lot or a little, throughout your life.

Nowadays, I only have a trickle of handwritten notes that get delivered. There were heartfelt notes when my father passed away and special cards from some of my dearest friends just to say “Hello, I’m thinking of you.” Soon there will be holiday cards with beautiful family photos and seasonal wishes that I look forward to each year. Then there are notes from my mom.

My sweet mom cuts articles from magazines and newspapers and sends them to me. They are mostly bits and pieces that offer encouragement and wisdom, and then the occasional “How to Save on Your Cell Phone Bill” type of article. She started when I was in college and one of the notes is pictured below. I hope she never stops sending me handwritten notes. Her handwriting suits her perfectly…lovely and graceful. It makes my heart warm just to see it. Ever since the kids were little, she would include a dollar bill for each child. She sometimes even color-coordinates the Post-It notes for each child’s favorite color. I love her so!

Handwritten Notes College Letter Mom

You must get a lot of ads in your mailbox like I do. Those are things I do want to see online. Technology does prove helpful with store ads that I can look up when I am walking in to shop. I don’t need all the flyers and the paper from trees that were unnecessarily cut down.

Junk Mail Advertising

Hold up! If you got this “On to College” catalog from Target, there’s a $10 coupon on the back. I was just about to recycle the flyer when I noticed it.

Brochures and catalogs are fun to look at and help us stay up-to-date with trends. I hesitate using the term “junk mail” and believe advertisements are helpful. They are definitely not handwritten notes, but they still speak to us by introducing things we may want or need in our lives. For instance…the new IKEA catalog just arrived and that will surely be my evening read!

Handwritten Notes IKEA Catalog

Gone are the days that we stand by our mailbox waiting for a letter to arrive. Since living in a world of emails and texts, many have missed out on that “butterflies in your stomach” anticipation for a letter from a special someone or a post card from a friend on vacation.

Handwritten Note Camper Journey Card

You can still write letters in 2018! You can have regular correspondence with people or send that unexpected, “I am happy you’re in my life” note to a person you don’t see regularly or even one you do.

Handwritten Note EPCOT Food and Wine Festival

It was funny to me that when my son was packing for camp this summer, stamps and paper with envelopes were on the list of suggestions to take. This list has probably not been updated in a decade or two, but the more I thought about it, the more I liked the idea. I suggested to my son that he could send me handwritten notes while he was gone. He laughed.

You Are So Cool Handwritten Note(The above card was from my daughter…obviously she was younger when she chose this for me! #coolmom)

However, my children are not foreign to the concept of letter-writing. Part of their early homeschooling included writing letters, regularly. Somehow along the way though we all moved away from snail mail and embraced technology and the instant note. I still insisted on proper sentence structure and spelling in emails and texts. Yes, I was that mom, although now as young adults they are ignoring that rule.

Handwritten Note from Grandparents

Still, I could never shake the notion that handwritten notes connecting to others are so much more heartfelt. Those words linger, both physically and reflectively. My in-laws wrote the one above to my daughter in 1993 in honor of her baptism.

I have notes and letters that I treasure from long ago. Each time I read them, they fill me up, or make me laugh. One of my favorites is the first anniversary note my husband wrote me where he signed his last name…as if I didn’t know which Chris it was.

One of my favorite things to do is to send notes and packages to people, often ones I haven’t seen in a long time. Whether or not I hear from them after, I imagine how surprised they are to receive them and I hope that it adds pleasure to their day. It brings me joy to think that my note has made others, sometimes very far away, smile.

Eco-Stained Handwritten Note Card

With my new found freedom of working only from my home studio, I am challenging myself to reach out and write a note to someone once a week. I don’t necessarily have the addresses for those I wish to write to because I am only connected with them through Facebook. I have drafted a message to send them through Facebook or Instagram to get their addresses. Since I intend for the note I send to catch them at an unexpected time, I want to be somewhat cryptic, but not stalkerish (yikes), in my request. Below is a somewhat general example of a message I send to the inbox of friends/relatives I would like to write. I always personalize it but this is the general idea.

Hello, “Friend”!
It is such a pleasure that we are connected on Facebook! I love keeping up with you and seeing photos of your family.

Writing notes is a favorite pastime of mine and I would love to send you one. I don’t know when and I hope it would get to you when you least expect it but most need a smile. Do you mind messaging me back with your mailing address?

It will be great fun and you don’t need to mail me back. It is a great nostalgic way to connect!

Thank you so much!

Join me! Make a weekly commitment to send a note to someone. Subscribe to my newsletter and each week you will get a subject topic for writing to someone on your correspondence list. Of course, you can make it even more of a special connection with a uniquely created notecard from my Easerre collection!

I look forward to hearing your stories as you go on this adventure!

Handwritten Note Eco-Stained Notecards



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    I really love using your note cards. They are perfect for thank you notes and brief notes to friends, just to say hello. They are a perfect size, beautiful, and so unique.
    Love, Mom

    1. Thank you so much! The note cards are special. When I make them, I imagine who will be writing on them and to whom they are sending them. Thank you for your continuous support! Love!

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