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Taken By Storm


August 2018

For the second time this week, we have a child starting a new year at college. Renée has a couple of years of college under her belt and she is Ms. Independent. She is a wanderer and adventurer, artistic, responsible, and free-spirited. She is a creative.

Below is her poem “Taken By Storm” that she penned just a few weeks ago. I fell in love with the words, and although she may have intended them differently, they hold true to the whirlwind she set off in our life.

Renée took our world by storm before her first breath and she hasn’t stopped since! Her charismatic personality and courageous spirit has always been her guiding light…and often the cause for my greying hair!

Age 3

Homeschooling gave Renée and our three other children the opportunity to explore. We chose to homeschool because we believe the world is our classroom. Engaging in life around us gave the children experiences that led to discovering their passions, encouraged higher level thinking skills, and embraced their unique expressions.

Renée, and our other children, definitely voiced those unique expressions. There are so many stories, projects, and experiences that I plan on sharing in my homeschooling series, but one moment in particular stands out on this day.

As we were sitting in our studio at our farm one day, probably in 2007, we were tracking a package that was being delivered by using the big USA map on the wall. The discussion turned to where the kids wanted to travel or live one day. The other three stuck around the east coast, picking places from Florida to Pennsylvania as those were places they had some familiarity with. Not Renée. She stood up, grabbed a pointer, and said “I want to live over there!” California. Hurray for her! Keep on adventuring, Baby Girl!

An artist from early toddler age, Renée showed artistic talent and a passion for creating…with anything and everything. She led her siblings in crushing berries for dye and digging mud for clay. Having spent the six years we owned a farm climbing trees and riding horses, nature played a huge roll in her development especially artistically.

UNC School of the Arts 2013
Born to be a Leader

When Renée was nine, I opened Art Blooms, a “do-it-yourself pottery” studio. Renée poured her heart and soul into building that business with me. She was the one to stay late and layer the gazillion coats of funky paint on the floor before day one. She began teaching classes to children and adults when she was eleven and by age thirteen, she was standing in for me in some meetings and running events.

When she was fourteen, Renee spent several weeks in residency at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts for their Visual Intensive Program. She worked in clay, pen and ink, mixed media, and sculpture. She actually paid for the experience by hand-sculpting over 75 owls with unique personalities for a sponsorship program she put together.

Renee Taken By Storm Gallery Show
UNC School of the Arts 2013

On the afternoon of the closing gallery show, the pottery professor pulled me aside and sang her praises. He said she was quite talented and what made her stand out was that she guided others in their projects without any air of superiority. He said she naturally picked up when they were frustrated and led them through a subtle process until they found clarity. He said she was a natural born teacher, leader, and artist.

Renee Taken By Storm Gigi
With GiGi 2013
As She Grows

She continues to grow within those qualities. Now, six years later, Renée’s artistic passions have evolved. Even though she has had her own gallery show in Tampa, has sold her work at art shows, and has done several commissions, visual arts is on the back burner. Her artistic passion is still burning and writing, especially poetry, has her heart.

Renee Taken By Storm Phil
Renée and Phil the Poet ~ Asheville, NC ~ 2018

Last year, when she was a student at Warren Wilson College, a day in Asheville was highlighted by meeting Phil, a busker poet, that wrote a poem for her after asking her a few interesting questions. The piece definitely suited her.

Renee Taken by Storm Truck

Today she sets off on yet another adventure. Although she is geographically not going far, she is soaring. Choosing to take a bit of time to figure out the next step in her path, she is continuing with college full time online. Her father and I are so proud of her for staying focused on that college degree while pursuing life and figuring out the rest.

Boca Raton 2016
Easenza Journal…Mega-sized

A couple of years ago, I stitched this mega Classic Journal for her. She was embarking on a new adventure and although that one only ended up lasting a couple of weeks, the experience was integral in determining what came next.

The pages are there, ready to filled with reflections of exploration and notes of discovery. My hope is that she will continue to fill the pages with excerpts of her wanderings and her wonderment of a beautiful journey.

Best wishes and many blessings for the year ahead, Renée. Continue to take the world by storm.

Taken by Storm

by Renée Eason

I want to be taken by a storm
I want to stand in an open field
arms spread wide
and head held high
during a hurricane
so I can feel the wind
lift me from the ground
how intense it will feel
to finally feel all the weight lifted
from my sore feet

I want to be taken by the wind
I want to go out of this world
just how I was created
in a puff of air
a whisper of screams
a dry stream of sweat

I want the world to hear my voice
as it echoes throughout space
screaming at the top of my lungs
“it is time”

Renee Taken by Storm Hand Holding

I’ll always be there to hold your hand when the storm seems so strong and you need a break before braving it.♡


And…you always have a paw to hold as well.?


2 thoughts on “Taken By Storm”


    Oh, my eyes are filled with happy & proud tears over my lovely granddaughter!. She has always been a special part of our family. My wish for her is to follow her heart thru her journey of life and just knowing that she means so much to all of us, as do all her siblings!
    Even though her Nanu is not here, I know he shares the same wish for her.
    Love, Nana
    Love! Nana

    1. Thank you for your lovely sentiments! She has fire in her… a couple of generations of it! Love!

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