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Rachelle and her passion for Plant-Stained Paper

Plant-staining paper connects me to the earth. It grounds me in ways similar to walking the beach in bare feet. By using sustainably sourced flowers, leaves, and papers, I create medleys of beauty, translate from nature into journals and stationery, encouraging moments of reflection and meditation.

I have been an artist all my life, but my eco-staining journey began in 2006 on our farm in North Carolina. I was given some freshly-sheared wool from my friend on a nearby farm. I attempted to dye the wool by boiling it with fruits and leaves from persimmon trees, held in place by a piece of paper and a rock. Although the wool did not dye, the paper did.

I began experimenting with all types of plants from around the farm. Shortly after, I opened a pottery studio and decided to put my plant-staining discovery aside to focus on my thriving new business. Several years later, my family and I moved to Florida. I finally gave myself the time I needed to fully explore the possibilities of eco-staining. I conducted countless hours of research alongside hands-on trial and error, and started to understand the science, as well as the required techniques, to develop the process into an art.

I have spent over a decade perfecting my art and mastering the process. I have discovered the nuances that can influence the end result, such as the species of plant, the region it was harvested from, during which season it was harvested, and the combination of plants being used together. These seemingly small factors can have a big impact on the outcome.

Although every piece I create is unique from the next, they all share one fundamental element: they are expressions of the beauty that resides deep within nature.

In my sunny Florida studio, I give myself time to grow, develop, and adventure into my art. By honing my skills in both pottery and plant-staining, I have found that each medium influences the other and together they take me to new levels of self-discovery and opportunity for reflection.

Rachelle's Most Favorite Achievements in the Art World

Invited Artist to Walt Disney World

Showing and Selling Plant-Stained Paper (formerly Boiled Books) and Pottery across resort in long term residencies mainly at EPCOT, Disney's Animal Kingdom, and Disney Springs

Owner and Operator of Art Blooms

Retail pottery studio in North Carolina

Art Instructor at Polk Museum of Art

Lakeland, Florida

Adjunct College Ceramics Professor

Florida Southern College, Lakeland, FL ~ Ceramics 1 & Ceramics 2

Gardner Webb University, Boiling Springs, NC ~ Ceramics 1

Exhibiting Artist at Juried Art Shows for the last 20 plus years

Winner of Awards at Maker-Faire Orlando, Cleveland County Chamber of Commerce, and numerous art shows over the last 20 plus years


Rachelle has taught both privately and as a guest artist and educator in commercial studios, museums, and schools in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Florida and focused primarily on pottery, paper art, glass fusing, painting, mixed media, art journaling, and creative writing.

She started her journey in art with classes at Carnegie Museum of Pittsburgh and The Ellis School, an institution of private learning for girls that emphasized the arts. Her journey continued with art classes in painting, art history and appreciation, and ceramics in college at the University of South Carolina and graduate school at Converse College.

Over the last 30 years, She has taken every possible opportunity to learn under numerous artists to hone her artistic talents and build on her creative skills. These studies have been done in formal studio settings, museum classes, multiple day workshop events sponsored by studio businesses and industry corporations, as well as independent artists through private classes. The mediums include pottery, glass fusing, acrylic painting, watercolor painting, drawing, screen printing, paper art, jewelry making, fabric/fiber art, mixed media, and writing.


Converse College, M. of Ed. Elementary and Early Childhood Education, Spartanburg, SC

University of South Carolina, B.S. Retailing, Columbia, SC


Originally airing December 12, 2019, this segment on WEDU PBS Arts Plus is a fabulous overview of Artist Rachelle Eason as she shares about plant-stained papers, pottery, and her teaching of multiple art mediums.

Enjoy the interview from 8/19/2021 where I share my adventures in art starting at age four and including being a professional scrapbooker (yes, it's a thing!), writer, entrepreneur, and invited artist to Walt Disney World, plus how I literally boiled my way into Plant-Stained Papers!

Please note...there are some audio issues in the first five minutes and then a spotting of them throughout the video. Please be patient! It's worth the listen!

Read Rachelle's interview published in The 863 Magazine November/December 2018 issue. Head to page 21 for the interview then peruse the rest of the magazine for some other fabulous articles.

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About Rachelle Eason

ERachelle Eason has been an artist all her life. She is the owner of Rachelle L. Eason, LLC, where she focuses on teaching wellness and expression through Art Journaling and writing classes. Limited edition pottery collections are available periodically through the year.

Rachelle Eason is the creator of Earth Journals, one-of-a-kind plant-stained paper products.

Email: info@rachelleeason.com

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