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I’ve spent over a decade perfecting my plant-stained art and mastering the process. This unique paper collection of my colorful and textured eco-printed designs is created through plant staining achieved by boiling. I have discovered the nuances that can influence the end result, such as the species of plant, the region it was harvested from, and during which season it was harvested.

As a professional artist and teacher for over 30 years, I have exhibited in juried art shows, taught at museums and galleries, owned a retail art studio, and spent years as an invited exhibiting artist at Walt Disney World. Alongside my studio business, I am designing a calmer, quieter daily life than I have lived as an exhibiting artist. 

Thank you for joining me in my studio! My name is Rachelle Eason and I am a full time artist, potter, and facilitator of art experiences.

Whether you love slinging mud as a potter, splattering paint as a painter, or collecting art to warm your home, my art pieces and experiences are geared to inspiring you and taking you on creative adventures.

As a child, working with clay captured my interest when I took lessons at the Carnegie Museum of Pittsburgh. I was lucky to be the “guinea pig” for an intern’s college project and got to be on the wheel at age 4! Honing my skills through intensive studies in high school, college, graduate school and beyond, wheel-throwing continues to be my first love in creating and personal nurturing.

This is a journey I would love to share with you!

Quiet doesn’t mean solo and simple doesn’t mean sparse. My intention, however, is to conquer the overwhelming state of our current culture where being busy is measured with a meter that rates our value. I believe that the true value in life comes deep from within; where our desires are nurtured.

I wish to inspire personal ways to express that joy by…

embracing the quiet,

connecting with self,

engaging in art,

nourishing our bodies with good food,

cultivating plants,

enjoying our homes, and

exploring community.

I am a realist though and I know as much as we wish to simplify our lives, there is no magic wand to wave that gives us more time to do so.

So what I propose is this…come along on the journey with me.

Join in when you can; when it feels right. Enjoy reading my stories on my blog and social media and write your own when inspiration strikes. Follow my prompts in your journal when you get the creative itch.

Peruse my art work and enjoy it like you are strolling through a museum or a fabulous gallery. Shop and purchase pieces that speak to you. Curate a look and invite pieces into your home that embellish your sanctuary. Show your individual flare with pieces that reveal your personality.

In my sunny Florida studio, I give myself time to grow, develop, and adventure into my art. By honing my skills in pottery, plant-staining and teaching, I have found that continual learning about different cultures and the environment influences my creating and takes me to new levels of self-discovery and opportunity for reflection.

Above all, I believe art connects us. It is my intention, with each piece that I create, that it finds its keeper, the one who it speaks to and within that connection, one is forever inspired.

Welcome to this fabulous creative world I am so grateful for!

Rachelle's Most Favorite Achievements in the Art World

Invited Artist to Walt Disney World

Showing and Selling Plant-Stained Paper (formerly Boiled Books) and Pottery across resort in long term residencies mainly at EPCOT, Disney's Animal Kingdom, and Disney Springs

Owner and Operator of Art Blooms

Retail pottery studio in North Carolina

Art Instructor at Polk Museum of Art

Lakeland, Florida

Adjunct College Ceramics Professor

Florida Southern College, Lakeland, FL ~ Ceramics 1 & Ceramics 2

Gardner Webb University, Boiling Springs, NC ~ Ceramics 1

Exhibiting Artist at Juried Art Shows for the last 20 plus years

Winner of Awards at Maker-Faire Orlando, Cleveland County Chamber of Commerce, and numerous art shows over the last 20 plus years


Teaching Experience

Rachelle has taught both privately and as a guest artist and educator in commercial studios, museums, and schools in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Florida, including Polk Museum of Art and EPCOT at Walt Disney World. In the past, she has taught pottery, paper art, glass fusing, painting, mixed media, art journaling, fiber arts including knitting and felting, and creative writing. Currently Rachelle focuses her teaching on pottery, Plant-Stained Paper, and art journaling.

She recently went under contract to teach a week long Plant-Stained Paper class at John C. Campbell Folk School in Brasstown, NC in April/May 2023 with plans for it to be annual class.

For over 30 years, Rachelle has taught classes for adults and children in painting, pottery, glass fusing, drawing, paper art, mosaics, art journaling, mixed media, and eco-art. She inspires positive self-confidence in students and mentors rising artists. 

As a college Adjunct Professor, Rachelle taught Ceramics 1 and Ceramics 2, facilitating student learning through an imaginative, higher level thinking approach. She wrote the syllabus, composed project prompts, and provided hands-on teaching of techniques.

As a former classroom teacher in elementary and middle schools, Rachelle facilitated innovative teaching methods of covering the curriculum goals and objectives using art, technology, and hands-on interactive learning.

In her own words... Rachelle's Favorite Teaching Moment

My favorite teaching moment is actually a moment that repeats itself during my workshops. It is when I am working with adults who, after years of their daily lives have left them feeling unimaginative and lacking creativity, have gone through their journey of art with me and have discovered that they are artistically expressive. They discover joy from within. It is pure magic!

As A Life Learner

Rachelle started her journey in art with classes at Carnegie Museum of Pittsburgh and The Ellis School, an institution of private learning for girls that emphasized the arts. Her journey continued with art classes in painting, art history and appreciation, and ceramics in college at the University of South Carolina and graduate school at Converse College.

Over the last 30 years, She has taken every possible opportunity to learn under numerous artists to hone her artistic talents and build on her creative skills. These studies have been done in formal studio settings, museum classes, multiple day workshop events sponsored by studio businesses and industry corporations, as well as independent artists through private classes. The mediums include pottery, glass fusing, acrylic painting, watercolor painting, drawing, screen printing, paper art, jewelry making, fabric/fiber art, mixed media, and writing.


Converse College, M. of Ed. Elementary and Early Childhood Education, Spartanburg, SC

University of South Carolina, B.S. Retailing, Columbia, SC

Rachelle teaching a mixed media workshop with

Plant-Stained Papers at EPCOT, Walt Disney World


Originally airing December 12, 2019, this segment on WEDU PBS Arts Plus is a fabulous overview of Artist Rachelle Eason as she shares about plant-stained papers, pottery, and her teaching of multiple art mediums.

Enjoy the interview from 8/19/2021 where I share my adventures in art starting at age four and including being a professional scrapbooker (yes, it's a thing!), writer, entrepreneur, and invited artist to Walt Disney World, plus how I literally boiled my way into Plant-Stained Papers!

Enjoy the interview from 8/19/2021 where I share my adventures in art starting at age four and including being a professional scrapbooker (yes, it's a thing!), writer, entrepreneur, and invited artist to Walt Disney World, plus how I literally boiled my way into Plant-Stained Papers!

Please note...there are some audio issues in the first five minutes and then a spotting of them throughout the video. Please be patient! It's worth the listen!

Read Rachelle's interview published in The 863 Magazine November/December 2018 issue. Head to page 21 for the interview then peruse the rest of the magazine for some other fabulous articles.

Read Rachelle's interview published on the Chip & Company blog in August 2016 about her residency as an invited artist to Walt Disney World for the month long Art in August event.

Read Rachelle's interview published in Today and Tonight Magazine about how she and other small businesses transitioned to online sales and teaching in the midst of Covid-19 pandemic.

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About Rachelle Eason

Rachelle Eason has been an artist all her life. She is the owner of Marvelous Mud Pottery Studio in Lakeland, FL where she focuses on teaching adults in a progressive learning adventure in clay. She also produces own line of fabulously functional pottery.

Rachelle Eason is also the creator of Plant-Stained Paper... artistically designed with fresh flowers and leaves then boiled together for one-of-a kind designs.

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