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Monthly Membership

Looking for more inspiration and insight? Wish to engage with a growing community? With a Behind the Brush Monthly Membership you’ll receive access to exclusive content, invite-only LIVE sessions, discounts to the online store, and an always evolving creative adventure!

Art Journaling

Weekly Live Instruction

Every week on Mondays or Tuesdays, groups of students log on and join each other for a LIVE virtual art session! Through a variety of art lessons, each week brings a new focus coaxing your intuition to speak and inspiring authentic expression and reflection.

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Behind The Brush

Exclusive Content

Mini Courses


Interested in exploring a bit into a variety of techniques or themes? Mini-Courses introduce fundamentals in art and an array of topics through guided instruction and practice activities. Each course provides immeasurable value in laying the ground work for developing instincts for your creative pursuits.

Immersion Courses


Whether you are just starting out or a seasoned artist or art journaler, Immersion Courses are electrifying adventures! These excursions provide opportunity for deeper engagement into specific topics to hone your personal style while inspiring the artistic element of your natural intuition.

Journey In Art & Words

Grand Course

Discover your inner voice as you journey into self-discovery with art and writing! You will engage in an inner dialogue exploring your self and reveling in what encompasses life. Join Rachelle for a 20 lesson adventure in unearthing your self-expression with exercises in reflective writing and art exploration . . . all from the comfort of your own home.


Experiential Learning

Enchanting havens rife with local flair and unique art experiences come together to nurture your soul and inspire your self-expression at retreats hosted by Rachelle. The art journaling experience at each retreat varies according to location as we take full advantage of the engaging world around.

(Due to current travel advisories, look for retreats to be scheduled summer/fall 2021)

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