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Rachelle creates this space for me that's very calming. I feel like I'm learning, I feel like I'm moving forward. I also feel like I still get to be myself every prompted step you give us. It's very much allowing me to release; let things come out. That really helps me mentally, because like, a lot of people, I struggle with the self things of self love, self compassion, self empathy. On the page, I can write a quote, or I can write a little message to myself as a reminder, like this is okay, you did this fine. A lot of times I find the lesson relates to whatever I'm going through, and so I can write it on the page, like I'm writing it to someone, even if the person is me in two years from now.

Diana Harrison
This is the first time in my life I have truly enjoyed learning, and that I feel I am able to grasp new concepts and succeed in applying them. Rachelle challenges us to go further, equipping us to succeed, and lays a foundation for us to believe in ourselves. And she makes it fun.

Rachelle is a superb teacher. She has many talents in which she excels. Teaching is certainly one of them. I will always be grateful that Rachelle was the one chosen to walk with me in this journey. 

Gloria Hill
As far as a mental wellness kind of thing, and an emotional well being, especially when you're home, I feel like this has contributed to that in many ways as well. But honestly, just the human connection is probably the most therapeutic. I think that's important because it is a live class.

And you have worked with us on faces and knowing where the nose and the mouth and gridding that all off. I've never had that. And so that's important, because I do do face stuff every now and then. I do angels and things like that with my pottery. And so to knowing the proportions of that is so helpful. the other night we did an owl and I never have drawn an owl before. And so now I'm thinking, Hmm, what if I bought out the clay and did those shapes that we drew in clay that would be great!

Tricia Woodland
I have been taking Art Journaling for over six years.
I started out just to take a couple of classes to help Rachelle out getting started in a new town, but then I fell in love with the weekly opportunity to be an artist!
It is what got me through the last eight months. It brings me joy! Art Journaling via Zoom:) Stress management that was much needed:)

Karen Chappell
In her role as facilitator, Rachelle has stretched me and pushed me outside my comfort zone…that zone can be a pretty boring place. And I have found that boring > leads to stagnation > leads to fear of change > leads to an endless loop. Not a good place to be.
And I will confess that the main reason I signed up for this class [Art Journaling Weekly] was the emphasis there seemed to be on watercolor. I am so glad I took that step. This visual self expression has brought a new joy into my life. I find myself wanting not only to paint, but to just draw. I'm finding when I read something/anything/all very random, an image comes into my mind that I just want to put on paper.
I'm starting to think of that as self revelation. Which just proves, lol, that we are never too old to learn!
So thank you Rachelle, for facilitating this journey, for growing me, and for nudging me out of my box! I'm packing for a long, long road trip!
Cathy DiDomenico
Whether in person, in video, or Zoom meetings, Rachelle is prepared and it shows. There is always an advance list of supplies with links on where to find them distributed. Classes move smoothly and progressively through several activities with plenty of time for discussion and questions as she presents.
She is FUN and FUNNY yet her knowledge is immense! She humbly presents techniques and lets your creativity come forth with no judgement. According to Rachelle, there are no mistakes, what happens is art. Her teaching is "hands on" from the get go.
Most impressive overall is her depth of experience and knowledge of inspiring artists and writers that are brought casually into each lesson. Not an overwhelming lecture by no means, just enough information to spark the desire to go further, research, and practice finding your own artistic voice.
Geney Ross
When I saw art journaling on YouTubes it is just designs, textures, mixed media and page after page of just different kinds of paints and all that. I kind of thought maybe that was more what what it would be like, but when I take it from Rachelle, it's almost like therapy.

I'm learning a lot in stories from other cultures and also how to [express] what's going on. How to grow as a person, like boots on the ground and I think that makes all of us better people.

Lois Bowers
I bought my mom the month of September and a few art supplies for her birthday in August. I wasn’t sure if she would like but it was just 4 classes. She has learned how to be in a Zoom class and is enjoying it! She spends the week adding details to her journal assignment. She really loves working on it throughout the week! After the four weeks were up she signed up to continue take classes and she has now taken for 4 months. This probably the best gift I could have given her!! It makes a great gift!!

Tricia Woodland
For several years I have been enjoying Rachelle’s special art! I have always loved nature and flowers in particular. Her reuse of flowers and plants in her work gives it a fresh natural aspect and is also eco-friendly. I have purchased several of her plant-stained journals and they are filled with wonderful detail. From the varied stains in the pages, to the imaginative front covers, to the colorful threads used to bind the spines, you can easily see she puts her heart into her work. Rachelle has a special unique eye for beauty and can pull it forth into many different mediums including paper and ceramics. Meeting Rachelle and obtaining some of her art has brought me much happiness and tranquility.

Gayle Forry
The art of Rachelle Eason is an invitation to explore the wonders of nature. Her creations are a kaleidoscope of color and texture that will enhance your appreciation of the natural world. We and our guests enjoy the work of Rachelle in our home.

Ann & Walt Przygocki
The first time I saw a Rachelle Eason plant-stained journal I was moved in a way that I can't explain. Their beauty touched me like no other art has. Since my first encounter with them I have purchased at least a dozen, and plan on purchasing many more. Every time I can't decide what to give someone as a gift and I want to make it extra special, I give a Rachelle Eason plant-stained journal. It's the perfect, hand-made gift of art. One of my friends burst into tears at the beauty of her journal.

She was moved just like I was. I have had the chance to meet Rachelle several times and her sweet spirit adds to the beauty of her journals. I know how much of her heart and soul has gone into them. They are more than journals. They can become pieces of art displayed in many unique ways in your home, photo albums or scrapbooks, or as I am currently using one, as a piece of beauty to bring calm to your soul. I love and appreciate the art of Rachelle Eason and hope and pray that others will be moved by it and see the beauty in life that it inspires.

Susie Jones
If you desire the freshness of nature, but require that beauty to have longer life span than that of a fresh flower - Rachelle Eason journals are the perfect blend. The most amazing flowers are magically transformed on to paper so that they can remain in your life or on your walls or desk. They transform paper into soothing piece of art that will pull you in. You will be totally drawn to the journals but, understand that you will hesitate for a moment before you write the first word. Once you do, you will be hooked. Or…choose to frame a piece of this magical paper, and it will smooth your nerves for years to come. I say choose both.

Marie Crofoot

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