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Art Journaling

Plant-Stained Papers

Art • Writing • Painting

Join Rachelle, a teacher with over 25 years of experience, for online classes that introduce fundamentals in art and an array of topics

through guided instruction and practice activities.

Please note... Each class purchase must be made separately because of generating access to the class dashboard. After purchase(s), if you use the same email and password for your log-ins, you will be able to access all of your classes from the same dashboard.

Plant-Stained Papers:

The Grand Course


Adventure into this unique use of fresh flowers and leaves as we press, boil and extract the plants’ hidden colors between layers of cotton paper.

  • Over 7 hours of instruction delivered in 38 videos with downloadable .pdfs

  • Use flowers, leaves, and edibles - materials list included

  • learn tips, tricks, and variables in making beautiful designs

  • Instant access upon registration

  • 24/7 feedback in exclusive private Facebook group

  • BONUS 1: The Grand Course now includes the FALL Study Addendum

  • BONUS 2: The Grand Course now includes Exploring Plant-Stained Paper: Foraging Your Backyard & Experimenting 5 Day Adventure

Creative Consulting

Live Online One-On-One Sessions

2 Session or 5 Session Options

Join me for a personalized approach to your journey in art!

There are a lot of cogs in the machine of creating. The world is a vast place but with the Internet, we can have our fingers on the pulse of communities that seek what you do, the ones that crave what you offer.

Those of you that desire to raise the level of your art, build a community, and perhaps even a business, let’s chat. I can help guide you on your way.

These sessions are Remote Live Conversations with Actionable Steps that Inspire You to Bloom!

Pottery Classes

In-Person Pottery Classes

$249/ 6 Week Session

  • All levels welcome

  • 2 hours(ish) classes

  • 4 Students per class

  • Included: all clay and glazes, use of tools and equipment, 4 kiln firings - 2 bisque and 2 glaze, guided instruction

Classes are held in Rachelle's Lakeland, Florida home studio. Specific location will be sent upon registration.

January 9, 2023 to February 13, 2023

Mondays 6PM-8PM - Sold Out!

Additional time slots may be available if full classes can be put together. Email to be on the Waiting List.

Polk Museum of Art
In-Person Pottery Classes

Spring 2023 - 6 Week Session

Classes are held at Polk Museum of Art in Lakeland, Florida

January 31, 2023 to March 7, 2023

Tuesdays 10 AM - 1 PM

Tuesdays 6 PM - 9 PM

Please visit the Polk Museum of Art website for info and registration. It should be available in December 2022.

Couples Clay Classes

$120 per Couple - Single Class

  • All levels welcome

  • 2 hours(ish) class

  • 4 Students per class

  • Included: all clay and underglazes, use of tools and equipment, 2 kiln firings - 1 bisque and 1 glaze, guided instruction

  • Instructor will clear glaze bisque pieces once out of 1st firing

Classes are held in Rachelle's Lakeland, Florida home studio. Specific location will be sent upon registration.

Cultural Enrichment Through

Art Journaling Classes

Weekly • Live • Online

$100/month of 4 Weeks

4 Tuesdays per month - 6PM EST Live Online

This is a continual adventure in art to inspire Creative Wellness in your daily lives. It is fabulous for ones who have created with me before as well as new students. We'll dive deep into a variety of art techniques using watercolors and gouache! The art will be the "prewriting, reflective" stage to your journal writing in response to the weekly prompts.


  • 4 Live Remote Online Art Classes on Zoom

  • 2 hours each class as part of group

  • Small group instruction

  • Access To Replay Video Each Week

  • Click below to download the supply list

Art Journaling

Life in My Body


Make an interactive accordion journal that acts as a guide, helping you create your personal vision for change.

  • Bookmaking and Creative Wellness

  • Create an accordion journal from paper sheets, complete with a personalized cover

  • Set up a unique way to express who you are while playing the roles in your life

  • Create a fun whimsical way to represent health and wellness

  • Uncover feelings about your body, how you see yourself (and others) as individuals and as a part of society – and what they want their world to be like

Ice Cream & Coffee Beans


In Ice Cream and Coffee Beans, we are going to take a journey into our memories and our infatuation with these two treats. It may appear to be a lesson in drawing and painting, but it is actually an excursion into choosing topics to portray, sketching with the intention of painting, and creating Art Journaling pages that give voice to your inner cravings… I mean musings! Yum!

In ten segments and over seven hours of video, we'll create three watercolor painted pages that bloom in color from sketches. Inspired by real life experiences, I guide you to creating compositions with faces, foregrounds, backgrounds, and additional elements. I even lead you into writing and journaling prompts that are generated by the art we do.

I look forward to this "sweet" journey with you!

Lovely Fleur


"Lovely Fleur" is an adventure in painting a warm embrace! It leads us to engaging what we need at any one moment. Enjoy a journey in sketching, watercolors, and whimsy!

Fika - Appreciate the Good Things in Life!


In "Fika ~ Appreciate the Good Things in Life," you'll go on an adventure in sketching and watercolor painting that brings out a muse of beauty! We'll go step by step in this journey and even include a bit of titling and a mantra for slowing down.

Writing Classes

Sketch Write Now: Volume 1

$149 (get $50 off with Holiday Special Offer*)

Through six self-paced segments, follow along and learn to pencil sketches of females as their personality alters and develops along with the imagery of the pages. Then learn how to write poems and prose to collaborate with the sketches and form personal expressions spoken from your thoughts and inner voice.


Sketch Write Now is a multi-volume series that plays up the collaboration of pictures and words. Emphasis is placed on interpreted sketching being the kick-off point to descriptive and narrative writing.


Sketch Write Now: Volume 1 - She is Who I See

launches January 3, 2022

A new segment will drop each Monday for six weeks

January 3 - February 7, 2022

Just Pick Up Your Pen & Write


5 Steps to just start writing!

In Pick Up Your Pen and Write! you will be guided from beginning to end of writing that goes beyond marks on a page. You will “meet” your journal and set the tone for a flow of stories to come. After all, first impressions are important for setting the tone of the relationship that follows.

Through modeling and step by step instruction, you will learn the first tool of my writing tool box…Writing Your Introduction.

Join in for a 5 step encounter via brief videos, downloadable pdfs, and a Key Card (quick note) to help you begin to conquer the power of the white and set your story in motion.

Join Just Pick Up Your Pen and Write! and you’ll be on your way to creating an inspiring landscape for your budding writing adventure.

Think Like A Book!


Think Like A Book! is the place to start for dusting off the cobwebs of your creative thinking. Whether you are a seasoned writer or someone that dabbles with a bit of art and words, dialogue with your inner muse and dip your toes into developing a skill set of writing creatively.

Writing Autumn


Embrace the energy of the season.

Do you feel the magic in the air during Autumn?

The wisps of crisp air and the tenderness of the earth as it prepares for winter.

Regardless if you live where the leaves change color or where the sun continues to shine hot, Autumn is enchanting.

This writing adventure is about realizing the sources of your inspiration and curbing them into the vision of what you need to experience in this moment. It is about unleashing your inner voice and frolicking in piles of raked leaves with your muse. In essence, it is about reaching within and experiencing this season of enchantment regardless if the seasons are physically changing outside your front door.

Art Classes

Elements of Art


The Elements of Art include Line, Shape, Color, Value, Space, Form, and Texture.

These are the fundamental aspects of art; the foundation or building blocks of visual pieces. 

This is an introduction class to get you on your way. In addition to introducing you to all seven elements, I will do demonstrations for each element and activities that combine multiple elements. I invite you to join along and then experiment further while adding your own individual style.

Learning about the Elements of Art, and the effects the principles of design have on a piece, elevates our own artistic literacy and encourages greater appreciation of works, as well as guide us along the way in our creative journeys.

Needle Felting Miniatures Mini-Course

$178(With Supply Kit*) or $79 (Tutorial Only)

This Mini-Course includes...

  • 14+ prerecorded videos

  • Supply Kit of ALL* Materials required for creating all the projects (*scissors not included)

  • Unlimited access to course content once its published.


Supply Lists

We invite you to use supplies you have and like for adventuring into our art and writing classes.

However, if you are just getting started or would like to expand your creative tool box, download the following lists to see what Rachelle uses for her classes and personal creating.

Free Intro Videos

Sometimes getting familiar with new art mediums can be a little overwhelming, but really, it can be a lot of fun!

Take some time to play before our classes together even start by going through some prep videos. Free for all, no registration required!

Free Tutorials

Willow Power Tool Kit


Use creative expression to beat temptations and live your best life!

Discover 5 simple ways to build strong willpower, putting an end to your self-sabotaging ways.

Art & Creative Exercises


FREE Art Exercises to Build Willpower!

Use creative expression to beat temptations and live your best life!

~>without feeling overwhelmed

~>without relying on self help books

~>without signing up for expensive classes


find confidence that lies already on the inside of you

even if you think you can’t draw at all!

⭐️ Includes a 1 hour Butterfly Painting Video Tutorial!


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Preview of New Releases & Inspirations

In my last six months of AJ classes, I have learned more than I EVER learned in school! Not only have you given us the opportunity to learn art and journaling, but also culture, history, artistic techniques, etc., etc., etc. And because of your enthusiasm and powerful yet gentle method of teaching, I am able to learn, actually grasp!

-Gloria Hill ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

For several years I have been enjoying Rachelle’s special art! Her reuse of flowers and plants in her work gives it a fresh natural aspect and is also eco-friendly. From the varied stains in the pages, to the imaginative front covers, to the colorful threads used to bind the spines, you can easily see she puts her heart into her work. Meeting Rachelle and obtaining some of her art has brought me much happiness and tranquility.

-Gayle Forry ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

If you desire the freshness of nature, but require that beauty to have longer life span than that of a fresh flower - Rachelle Eason journals are the perfect blend.

The most amazing flowers are magically transformed on to paper so that they can remain in your life or on your walls or desk. They transform paper into soothing piece of art that will pull you in.

You will be totally drawn to the journals but, understand that you will hesitate for a moment before you write the first word. Once you do, you will be hooked. Or…choose to frame a piece of this magical paper, and it will smooth your nerves for years to come. I say choose both.

-Marie Crofoot ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

The first time I saw a Rachelle Eason plant-stained journal I was moved in a way that I can't explain. Their beauty touched me like no other art has. Since my first encounter with them I have purchased at least a dozen, and plan on purchasing many more. Every time I can't decide what to give someone as a gift and I want to make it extra special, I give a Rachelle Eason plant-stained journal. It's the perfect, hand-made gift of art. One of my friends burst into tears at the beauty of her journal.

She was moved just like I was. I have had the chance to meet Rachelle several times and her sweet spirit adds to the beauty of her journals. I know how much of her heart and soul has gone into them. They are more than journals. They can become pieces of art displayed in many unique ways in your home, photo albums or scrapbooks, or as I am currently using one, as a piece of beauty to bring calm to your soul. I love and appreciate the art of Rachelle Eason and hope and pray that others will be moved by it and see the beauty in life that it inspires.

-Susie Jones ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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Rachelle Eason has been an artist all her life. She is the owner of Rachelle L. Eason, LLC, where she focuses on creating fabulously functional pottery. She also teaches wellness and expression through Art Journaling and other classes.

Rachelle Eason is the creator of Earth Journals, one-of-a-kind plant-stained paper products.


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